Tecom Challenger10 Superseded by Tecom ChallengerPlus

Image of a ChallengerPlus panel and the Tecom logo on a blue city skyline at night

To continue to meet the needs of customers as the technology landscape changes, the Tecom Challenger10 control panel has been superseded by the ChallengerPlus model. From now on, all orders for a Challenger10 will be replaced with the more advanced ChallengerPlus control panel.

ChallengerPlus is the result of market trends, customer feedback and a forward thinking approach to ensuring your security solution is delivering a robust, long-term vision for your business needs — for today, tomorrow and well into the future. It offers a secure, encrypted cloud connection via UltraSync, making your security system smarter and more secure. It also features remote upgrades, advanced diagnostic capabilities, and push notifications.

The ChallengerPlus control panel is designed for commercial and corporate sectors and is the perfect solution for the security requirements of banks, retail outlets, educational facilities and more. Built on the foundations of Challenger v8 and Challenger10, the ChallengerPlus with its effective modular system can be scaled for almost any application. With thousands of programmable options, ChallengerPlus has been designed to meet any security and access requirement and can be tailored to your own security policies. To learn more about the ChallengerPlus, click here.

Existing Challenger10 users can protect their investment and take advantage of the latest features and functionality by upgrading to ChallengerPlus.

We understand the investment made to ensure your security solution is a long term strategy. With this in mind, we have made sure that existing Challenger installations have the ability to take advantage of these new features without the need to upgrade hardware. Thanks to the free firmware availble within CTPlus, existing Challenger10 users can upgrade to ChallengerPlus for free. Furthermore, all existing peripherals can still be used with ChallengerPlus — there is no need to replace any field equipment. For more information about the upgrade path and ordering information, please contact us today.

ChallengerPlus. It's the way forward.