Datamaster Cables from Hills

Image of six miniature workers inserting a Datamaster cable into a switch box

DATAMASTER cables, available in Cat6 Patch and Cat6 Slim Patch, deliver an efficient and smooth connection between devices of a wired network.

The Cat6 Patch and Cat6 Slim Patch cables (100% tested and channel certified by 3P, UL and ETL) are made with unrecycled bare copper wires to ensure quality performance that exceed other solid metal wires in the market. Both models are also made with Low Smoke Zero Halogen PVC Jackets, which essentially prevents toxins from being emitted into the air of a closed space in the event of a fire, unlike regular PVC when burnt.

Datamaster cables come in a range of cable lengths that span up to 305 metres long. Hills now stocks selected cable colours to meet each level of compatibility requirements under various industries. For example, green cat cables in the security industry are beneficial for checking faults in their systems and salmon pink is a colour of preference when installing cables in government buildings including Department of Education and Department of Defence.

image of ten Datamaster cables displayed in a rainbow of colours

image of a Datamaster cable box and reel

The extensive variances of Datamaster cables mean they offer a wide range of uses from regular household items such as TVs and smoke alarms, to complex security solutions such as running entire server room systems.

By further keeping the end-user in mind, selected Datamaster cables come on a plastic reel to ensure the cable rolls out easily and prevents any form of tangling or snapping i.e.: Cat5e, Cat6, 6 Core and 4 Core. All Hills Datamaster cables come with Hills ‘S’ number on the cable. 


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