Mobotix M73 High Perfomance IOT Camera from Hills

Image of a Mobotix M73 High Performance IOT Camera

MOBOTIX M73 High Performance IOT Camera is the latest innovation of the MOBOTIX 7 Generation with 3 Modules. The M73 performs at a WDR of 120 dB, and a world-first Ultra Lowlight 4 MP with superior SRV of 0.19 — making it 4 times greater light sensitivity than 4K UHD.

Available in 2 different colours, the M73 offers simplicity and choices as the camera can be used in range of applications such as indoor, outdoor, desert, or snowy conditions. Made from powder-coated aluminium, the M73 is resilient in any climate from -40°C to 65°C with meantime between failure rating of more than 9 years. Optional Thermal Radiometry lenses enable it to detect fire or heat sources which allows it to be used as early fire warning system. 

The Mobotix Certified Apps highlights the M73’s level of innovation by ensuring all-round security meets precision. These Mobotix certified apps (30 days free trial) for various industry applications include Visage Face Recognition, AI-Intrusion PRO, AI-Parking, Vaxtor License Plate Recognition,
AI-Loitering, and many more. It even provides solutions to COVID-related security issues such as AI-Overoccupancy and AI FaceDetect-Deep to count detected faces both masked and unmasked.

M73 meets the highest cyber security requirements, and the user has control over what instalments they require for their industry which proves the high modularity possessed by the Certified Apps.