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Hills Finance

Smart, flexible payment solutions for end-user customers and Hills re-sellers.

Hills payment solutions bridge the gap between your client’s needs and their budget constraints by providing smart payment alternatives.

Why offer your customer a payment plan?

Shift your customer's decision process from a cash/capex problem to an opex solution

Increase the customer's spend and maintain/increase margins

Reduce customer objections and accelerate sales timelines

Reinforce customer 'stickiness' and create a structured upgrade path

Offer your customer a complete solution, with plans inclusive of hardware, software, licences, installation and cabling, SLA's and non Hills equipment

For Australia and New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand wide coverage with plans starting at $15,000

Suitable for SME's, corporates, government, church groups and 'not for profits'

Highly reduced application processes for transactions under $100,000

Fast turn around and streamlined processes for reseller payment

Master Facilities Limits available

Infrastructure as a service

Allows hardware and software solutions to be acquired immediately with payment spread over the useful life of the equipment

Facility types, terms and structures to suit different industry requirements

Rental, chattel mortgage, facilities managment plans, escrow facilities and purchase order instalment plans

Benefits to your customer

Moves equipment acquisition process from a cash/capex problem to a opex solution

Reduces upfront costs and helps preserve capital

Facilitates predictable payment streams helping to smooth business cash flows

One invoice solution. Plans can be inclusive of hardware, software, licenses, installation and cabling, SLA's and non Hills equipment

A broad range of terms and structures are available, from rental/operating lease, chattel mortgages and business loans to total managed services solutions.

Talk to your Hills representative about how we can assist your next equipment acquisition, or email John.Vendrell@hills.com.au