• Hills Nurse Call
    By integrating with building, comms, security, fire systems and more, your Nurse Call can become the critical messaging platform that gets the right message to the right people at the right time.

  • hills

    Hills TV 
    Transform your existing facility televisions into an entertainment, education and communication solution to help make your facility the top choice for patients and residents in your community.

  • sonitior

    Sonitor Technologies RTLS
    Sonitor relieves one of the biggest nursing frustrations: having to take time away from patients to go find equipment and find the right people - and allows staff to do what they do best.


  • care@home

    Care@Home is a smart home-care solution that encourages independent living. Using sensors and intelligent algorithms, Care@Home learns the daily habits and behaviours of individuals and alerts for any deviation. 

  • spectralink

    Spectralink Communication 
    Spectralink delivers secure, cost-effective mobile in-building communication solutions that empower enterprises to streamline operations, increase their revenues and deliver a positive customer experience.


  • ekotek

    EkoTek PERS
    EkoTek is a unique new wireless solution designed to protect lone workers and employees. It and improves emergency response through accurate location of alarm signals without the need for complex radio surveys.

  • innovonics

    Inovonics Mobile Duress
    Inovonics is the industry leader in high performance mobile duress systems that increases the safety and security of your staff which go beyond traditional security systems with location-enabled panic buttons.