Banner depicting four IDIS 4K cameras, with text reading "IDIS 4K total solution — IDIS 4K cameras & IDIS 4K NVR — A high-performance mix of 4K technology."

The IDIS 4K Total Solution

The IDIS 4K Total Solution provides a high performance mix of 4K technology, combining the crystal clear imaging of IDIS 4K cameras with the superior reliability of the IDIS 4K NVR. 

IDIS 4K Cameras: The power is in the detail.


Four times more coverage than FHD 1080p
IDIS 4K cameras deliver vast area coverage and crystal clear images. One 3840 x 2160p 4K Ultra HD camera can cover the same area that would traditionally require four full-HD cameras.

Image of four IDIS 4K cameras
Mission critical surveillance
With the ability to identify people, objects, and detect the slightest movement that suggests suspicious behaviour, the IDIS 4K Total Solution is perfectly suited to high-security environments such as airports or stadiums.


IDIS 4K NVR: Super performance and reliability.

Image of an IDIS 4K NVR

4K UHD: Four times the resolution of FHD 1080p
The IDIS 4K NVR is fully optimized for the stable and high performance of all network devices, 
ensuring 4K live viewing and 4K recording simultaneously.


Instant playback
Instant playback replays recently recorded video without performing search functions, for when you need to monitor one camera quickly. 
The instant playback function supports direct monitoring without any other control within IDIS Center, and IDIS 4K NVRs support true 4K output, which is critical in order to both live monitor and record in 4K.

Zero configuration (plug & play)
DirectIP 4K NVRs pack an array of advanced network technologies, to provide true plug & play installation 
that eliminates the need for costly implementation and integration support.

50% less storage space is needed with H.265
Utilizing H.265, IDIS 4K NVRs enable you to save up 50% storage space compared with H.264.


IDIS 4K Products from Hills include: