Since 1998, Milestone has been working toward creating the perfect Video Management System (VMS).      




Milestone XProtect

Much has changed since Milestone first developed its VMS in 1998. Low resolution black-and-white cameras have been replaced by major technological advances like full colour HD images, body-worn cameras, and facial recognition to name just a few.

As the technology advanced, so did Milestone due to a simple philosophy: build the solution on an open platform and allow a community of camera manufacturers, application providers, and software developers to all work toward pushing the platform forward.

Milestone XProtect is the culmination of more than 20 years of constant development, and it's now available from Hills.

XProtect— It starts with a strong foundation...

Milestone have a single vision: to make XProtect the best VMS possible. XProtect is safe, reliable, and is trusted by over 500,000 customers worldwide including airports, casinos, and prisons.

XProtect is simple to use, scalable, and comes standard with a host of security mechanisms that are designed to keep your system and data safe.

XProtect has 5 different variants that are designed to closely match a range of requirements, from XProtect Essential+ which supports up to 8 cameras, to XProtect Corporate which can support an unlimited number of cameras.

All solutions can be viewed on a Mobile, Web Browser, or through the powerful Smart Client PC app. Each interface is specifically designed for each device, so it works perfectly no matter how you choose to monitor your video. 

Image: a stylised city skyline above ground, and below ground a mechanical contraption of gears and cogs
Image: top down view of assorted security components — cameras, hard drives, laptops — on a table, and people discussing assembling them into a system

...Which then gets tailored to be a perfect fit for your need

The true genius of XProtect is in its open platform architecture. XProtect is designed to be a customised system. It already integrates with over 10,000 devices, and its design means it can be made to integrate with any others.

Hills is offering XProtect as it was designed to be: a custom solution.

No matter if you're installing an all new system, upgrading your cameras, or just want a customised VMS to support your existing set up, Hills will help you build the VMS that is a unique fit for your requirements.

Talk to your Hills representative for more details.