The Milestone Husky IVO & IDIS VMS Bundle from Hills.
Your Complete Security Solution.

Hills has paired Milestone's Husky IVO with IDIS to deliver a seamless and secure integration. 
Products in the solution include Husky IVO 150D (4TB, 8TB, 12TB, & 16TB options) including Milestone Xprotect® Express+ 2021 R1 with 1 year Care Plus, and four IDIS 8MP Vandal-Resistant IR Dome Cameras (DC-D4811WRX-A-3.3MM).  

Milestone offers simplicity and reliability through its Husky IVO 150D Desktop, which is ideal for smaller sites that require only a few cameras to be installed with local live/playback possible up to 4 channels without effecting overall performance. It performs with a throughput of up to 150 Mbit/s with up to 16TB of raw footage storage, and is great when used alongside a maximum of 20 channels (based on 1080p, 30FPS, 5-8Mbps per channel). 
The Husky IVO 150D affirms its simplicity with its easy license activation and seamless setup with Husky Assistant. It is also pre-loaded with XProtect, built with Dell Technologies hardware and is fully tested for optimal performance alongside a 4+ year warranty to give the user peace of mind. Since the Husky IVO 150D is ideal for smaller sites, clients such as retailers, petrol stations, small offices, and remote sites would benefit greatly from this solution.

Users can operate the IVO 150D through IDIS’ component that has been tried and tested with Milestone. IDIS’ camera complements the IVO 150D’s performance with its 4K resolution, fixed 3.3MM focal length and ability to support ONVIF, True WDR with 20m IR.

Image of the XProtect Express+ icon

Hills’ Product Manager Ahmad Ali says, “It’s a packaged deal customers can build on by adding more cameras down the road. Using this bundle in many small sites can help form a big decentralized system – meaning customers can have 10 branches with 10 bundles and these can form a big system (using Milestone Interconnect licenses).” 

The Milestone Husky IVO and IDIS bundle is a very cost-effective solution for customers within the SMB scale without compromising optimal security standards Milestone Husky IVO is known for setting. It is also worth noting that the bundle consists of Industry leading NDAA compliant manufacturers.