About Milestone

Milestone XProtect® is a global market leading Video Management Software (VMS) that brings the puzzle pieces of a video surveillance installation together in a perfect combination to create a solution that keeps people, premises and property safe today–and tomorrow. With XProtect as the foundation of your video surveillance, you get the freedom to build the entire system just the way you like it. Built on an open platform architecture you can customize your surveillance system and integrate other business applications into it for increased usability and performance. With +20 years in the market, XProtect has proven to be the right answer for more than 500,000 installations worldwide –from flower shops to universities, stadiums and cities. With the market’s broadest device support, XProtect VMS Is compatible with more than 10,000 devices. Starting with XProtect means starting right -with a solution that can easily grow and expand over time as needs change.



Key highlights

  • Enables true interoperability and freedom of choice for large-scale, multi-vendor security deployments and seamless private-to-public video integration
  • External access to any video stream in a Milestone Husky NVR or XProtect VMS system— both live video and playback
  • Standardised interfaces provide an easy and problem-free way of integrating Milestone XProtect VMS and Husky NVR solutions with alarm centers and monitoring stations






Freedom of choice
XProtect supports the widest choice in network hardware devices—more than 10,000 digital cameras, encoders and digital video recorders (DVRs) from 150+ different manufacturers. With XProtect you have the freedom to choose the best hardware according to your specific budget and needs.

Video enable
The open platform makes it easy to add video functionality to security and business systems and there is no limit to what video can be used for including training, customer service, and delivery logistics.

Easy to use
Independent business and security systems can be seamlessly integrated and managed through one interface for greater efficiency and improved functionality.

Future proof
Instead of being tied to one company’s product offerings, the open platform gives you the ability to take advantage of an entire industry’s innovation, increasing the value of your surveillance system. You have the freedom to add new technologies as they are developed, allowing you to continually update and improve your security system.

Endless integration possibilities
Directly integrate and embed applications, hardware, or services, developed by our technology partners into XProtect VMS software, through the Milestone Integration Platform (MIP). With a strong community of Technology Partners, you can always find applications, hardware and services that meet your needs. You can even create your own solution with the MIP Software Development Kit.



A perfect interface for every device



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