Gigabit Wireless in Perth:
Hills, Cambium Supply cnWave Technology to Pentanet

Image of a city skyline with text reading, "Gigabit Wireless in Perth — Hills and Cambium are proud to be part of this exciting project with Pentanet"

Pentanet, a Perth-based, growth-focused telco, has big plans to deliver next-generation internet speeds to their subscribers. To achieve this goal, they announced yesterday that they are building neXus, a multi-gigabit fixed wireless network across the Perth metro area. NeXus will offer exceptional speeds by extending their existing infrastructure of 300 km of 'dark' fiber with Cambium Networks' 60 GHz cnWave fixed wireless platform, supplied by Hills.

Pentanet is deploying this network using Terragraph, a mesh technology developed by Facebook Connectivity. The result will be network performance that even the most demanding video gamers will appreciate. “In 2019, Perth was reported as having the second slowest internet speeds of all Australian capital cities, but we know that needs to change — and fast. ...Reliable gigabit speeds are the future for Perth,” said Stephen Cornish, CEO of Pentanet.

Cambium Networks' cnWave technology and centralised management are well-suited for urban applications such as neXus.  The solution provides multi-gigabit fixed wireless broadband performance and reliability at a fraction of the cost of fiber.  With 60 GHz cnWave, Pentanet can rapidly deploy hybrid networks to extend the fiber plant to customer premises, accelerating time to revenue at lower operating and capital costs.

To read the full press release from Cambium Networks, including full comments from Cambium and Pentanet CEOs, click here.

Watch: Pentanet 60 GHz cnWave Deployment in Perth, Australia