2N has made some significant updates to their range of intercoms, which make them even more desirable to consumers.

The 2N range has gained popularity in the residential market due to their sleek design, easy installation, and intuitive controls.

Jeff Corr, Hills Vendor Business Manager of Security, said, “The 2N range has enjoyed popularity amongst installers and their customers. These updates are sure to make the 2N range even more popular.”

The main update comes in the form of superior security. The answering unit now supports secured SIP protocol for encrypted calling.

On top of encrypted calling, 2N supports 802.1x network security ensuring 2N intercoms have the highest security by limiting access to authenticated devices only.

The update for 2N indoor view and compact units also allows for the external camera feed to be viewed, even when there are no visitors.

The new updates boost the security on what is already one of the most popular residential intercom solutions in the market, and are available now.

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