image of a hand holding a LOX lock mechanism



According to Jeff Corr, Hills’ vendor business manager of security, reliable and well-designed electromechanical locks with minimal electrical draw are the heart of access control, and he says choosing the right locks requires careful consideration.

“If your customer is savvy, they’ve researched locks and have figured out the solution they need, and as an installer you probably have some ideas, too,” Corr says. “But are you forgetting something simple but often overlooked?

“In my opinion, that simple something is comparatively low-tech electromechanical locking solutions. Reliable and well-designed locks are the most important and the most overlooked part of access control solutions, which succeed or fail on how good the locks that support them are.”

According to Corr, locks are the first point of attack for most intruders.

“Think about it — if someone is trying to gain access to a site, what’s the first thing they’ll try?” he asks. “Will it be a sophisticated cyberattack to try to hijack your access control system? Probably not. Instead, they’ll try to jimmy the lock and, if the lock isn’t well designed, the expensive high-tech access control system you’ve installed can’t stop them breaking in.”

Corr says that when you install a new access control system, it also makes sense to update the locks to new designs that are much more secure and have far lower current draw.

“For modern access control solutions, the options are especially complex — everything is customisable,” he explains. “You need to think about what system to get for what doors and who needs access to each door. On top of the standard access control puzzle, customers now have to think about whether they should employ touch-free solutions.”

According to Corr, Hills’ range of electromechanical locks from LOX Locking is an example of a good design and excellent manufacture, with a wide range of locking products that will complement any access control system.

“My relationship with the directors of LOX Locking goes back a very long way and the LOX product line distributed by Hills offers some of the most secure solutions in the market,” he says.

“The access control experts at Hills have been very impressed with the range and quality of Lox Locking products and we’ve made sure Lox Locking products are now available at Hills’ branches Australia wide, as well as online.”

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