Hills have announced a distribution partnership with Milestone Systems.

This represents a great opportunity for both companies to bring superior video solutions to customers by combining their expertise and commitment to the channel. 

Hills General Manager Category Management & Technical Services, James Layton, said, “We’re very pleased to be partnering with Milestone, who we see as a true top-tier software vendor with best-in-class products. The synergy between both Milestone’s products and team, and our own team and reseller network, promises exciting times ahead.”

Hills CEO, David Lenz, said, “It’s refreshing to work with a global company that understands the importance of channel partnership and technology distribution. Milestone brings not only a world-class product set, but also a desire to grow the market in concert with a distribution partner, which is something that has been missing for some time in this segment.”

Milestone pride themselves on development and a philosophy of ensuring that their platform never stops evolving.

As a community-based organisation, Milestone are committed to innovation, and achieve this through a robust open platform and SDK, which is designed to facilitate easy integration with market-leading technology partners.

Hills and Milestone have a shared vision of concentrating on what they do well.

Milestone maintains their class-leading VMS platform by ensuring that all necessary resources are directed toward their giant development team, who are perpetually working on upgrades and increased functionality.

Milestone leaves distribution to the experts like Hills, ensuring that resources which would otherwise be spent on distribution are instead concentrated on further improving their product and service.

Milestone can be integrated with most video systems and has top-tier integration with camera products such as Axis and IDIS.

To see Hills range of Milestone solutions, talk to your Hills representative.

March 23, 2021