FLXUC500-WHT - FLX UC 500, USB Conference Phone - International (FLXUC500WHT)

FLXUC500-WHT - FLX UC 500, USB Conference Phone - International


FLXUC500-WHT - FLX UC 500, USB Conference Phone - International


Product Description

FLX™ UC 500 USB Conference Phone in white

From desktop workspaces to conference rooms, the Yamaha FLX™ UC 500 sets the new audio standard for PC-based unified communications applications.

Combining superior technology for speakers, microphones, and audio processing, the FLX™ UC 500 improves all aspects of audio handling for your communication needs and easily gives the “Best in Class” audio performance changing the price / performance paradigm in this space. Specifically designed to be the audio solution for conference rooms, small offices and homes, the FLX™ UC 500 offers new possibilities to use PC communication applications for meetings and online collaboration.


True Speaker Sound

The FLX™ UC 500 provides professional quality audio through powered tweeter and mid-woofer speaker elements. With an audio bandwidth extending beyond that of typical communication devices, the FLX™ UC 500 can handle any audio requirement, whether that is the conference call with the CEO, or listening to your favorite music. The increased frequency range allows superb call intelligibility for all languages and users.


Microphone Coverage

Four built-in microphones give the UC 500 full 360 coverage of audio capture. The high quality microphones capture a wide frequency spectrum, making the FLX™ UC 500 the ideal solution for any communication application. No longer will people have to lean close to the microphone pickup or shout to be heard. Instant Messenger applications, softphone calls, and webinars will all sound better using the FLX™ UC 500, and be assured that the far end will hear you clearly as well.


Integrated Echo Cancellation and Full Duplex Technology

The FLX™ UC 500 provides echo cancellation for all of its microphones “in the box”. No additional processing is required on the PC to ensure the best possible audio signal. The FLX™ UC 500 supports full duplex audio at all times, allowing for audio play back and audio capture simultaneously. Real discussions between conference participants are finally possible.



  • Improved PC communication application performance for meetings and online collaboration
  • Tweeter and midwoofer speaker elements for superior audio quality, clarity, and volume
  • Four corner microphones provide full 360° coverage of audio capture

Features Include:

  • Two-element loudspeaker
    • Frequency response: 160-20,000 Hz
    • Volume: Adjustable to 91 dB at 1m peak volume
  • Four integrated microphones
    • Frequency response: 160-16,000 Hz
    • Individual acoustic echo cancellation per microphone
  • Full-Duplex audio
  • Volume control with audible feedback
  • Mute On/Off control
  • Automatically optimized echo performance for each audio path, based on acoustic environment
  • Comfort noise fill
  • Noise filter
  • Mini USB 2.0 audio connection


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