AXIS T91B63 Ceiling Mount (S48510)

AXIS T91B63 Ceiling Mount


AXIS T91B63 Ceiling Mount


Product Description

Aluminium ceiling mount including AXIS T94A01D Pendant Kit (only used in combination with PTZ cameras) and AXIS T91A6 Pipe Seal. Also compatible with Axis pendant kits with 1.5" NPS or NPT inner thread, and Axis ACI 3/4" conduit adapters. The cables can be routed through the back, or from the side by using a conduit connection.





  • Fixed dome cameras
    • AXIS Q3708-PVE
    • AXIS Q3709-PVE 
  • Mounts
    • AXIS ACI Conduit Adapter 3/4" U-Shape 30 mm
    • AXIS ACI Conduit Adapter 3/4″ NPS
    • AXIS ACI Conduit Cover A
    • AXIS P33-VE Network Cameras Pendant Kit
    • AXIS T91A05 Camera Holder 1.5" NPS
    • AXIS T91A6 Pipe Seal
    • AXIS T91B52 Extension Pipe
    • AXIS T94A01D Pendant Kit
    • AXIS T94B02D Pendant Kit
    • AXIS T94F01D Pendant Kit
    • AXIS T94F02D Pendant Kit with Sunshield
    • AXIS T94K01D Pendant Kit
    • AXIS T94M01D Pendant Kit
    • AXIS T94M02D Pendant Kit
    • AXIS T94T01D Pendant Kit
    • AXIS T94T02D Pendant Kit
    • AXIS T94V01C Dual Camera Mount
    • AXIS T94V01D Pendant Kit
    • AXIS T94V02D Pendant Kit
  • PTZ Cameras
    • AXIS Q3708-PVE
    • AXIS Q3709-PVE

Product Specification

  • Battery Extension


  • Brand


  • CCTV Keyboard Support


  • Stocking Unit


  • Protection





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