Denon Amplifier with Bluetooth Receiver (DN200AZB)

Denon Amplifier with Bluetooth Receiver


Denon Amplifier with Bluetooth Receiver


Product Description

Denon Professional's Solution Series is designed to be the best friend of audio contractors. It's specialty is solving audio challenges easily and inexpensively by getting signal to someplace that would be otherwise difficult or inconvenient. Simple to install, configure and operate, the Solution Series products belong in the toolbox of every audio installer. The DN-200AZB is a compact Bluetooth® audio receiver with a built-in 20W RMS, 4-ohm, 70/100V Class D amplifier. It lets you add an amp with wireless stereo Bluetooth audio reception to any professional audio system. Once you pair your Bluetooth device to DN-200AZB, you can send your device’s audio signal to your loudspeakers, powered by the DN-200AZB.

Product Specification

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