Sonicwall 2021 Cyber Threat Report

Sonicwall have released their 2021 cyber threat report which contains comprehensive information about cyber threats that were faced in 2020.

The 2021 report is contains vital information about what threats are present in the new post COVID-19 business reality.

Bill Conner, President and CEO of SonicWall prefaced the report, saying “It is vital that we expand our thinking from just “How are we going to prevent an attack?” to also include “What will we do when (not if) we get attacked?”

In the report, 2020 was referred to as the cybercriminals’ perfect storm, arguing that the combination of new remote workers and a general state of confusion and panic felt all over the world was the perfect landscape for the opportunistic nature of cybercriminals.

2020 saw a massive powershift with cybercriminals gaining the upper hand through the exponential increase in opportunities presented by the decreased security of a world that had to learn to engage remotely without any preparation.

Cyberattackers not only took advantage of the landscape that COVID-19 created, but also the virus itself.

Attackers capitalised on peoples fear and confusion with malicious apps disguised as COVID-19 tracking or information.   

Year on year overall Cyberattacks saw a considerable increase in 2020.

With a steep increase in the use of home devices and networks, IoT attacks saw the largest increase of 66% to 56.9 million attacks.

Ransomware attacks had the 2nd biggest increase with 62% and 304.6 Million attacks.

While there were 5.6 Billion malware attacks, the actual percentage year on year went down 43%

Data breaches were a positive note in 2020 with the largest breach, Estee Lauder affecting 440 million which was less than a quarter of 2019’s largest breach which affect more than 2 billion.

Intrusion attempts were by far the most prevalent form of cyberattack with 4.8 Trillion incidents, up 20% from the 2019 figures.


Key Points



Sonicwall have really shown themselves to be the real leaders in cybersecurity solutions with a report that covers everything there is to know about cyber attacks in 2020. The report takes these complex issues and explains them in such a way that even people who aren’t tech savvy can understand what the threats are.

The full 70 page report presents the above key findings with detailed analysis and explanations of each type of attack.

It also includes many other key pieces of information including individual malware statistics for 8 sampled countries and a timeline of significant events.

You can download the full report here




Sonicwall prove they have a uniquely deep understanding of current threats and through this are better positioned to pre-empt threats that may emerge in the future.

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