Secure Mobile Access (SMA) Appliance & Deployment

A hardened edge gateway for anytime, anywhere, any device secure access

SMA is an advanced access security gateway that offers secure access to network and cloud resources from any sevice. SMA provides centralized, granular, policy-based enforcement of remote and mobile access to any corporate resource delivered using a hardened Linux based appliance. Available as hardened physical appliances or powerful virtual appliances, SMA fits seamlessly into any existing IT infrastructure.











  • Unified access to all network and cloud resources for “any time, any device, any application” secure access Control who has access to what resource by defining granular policies with the robust access control engine
  • Increase productivity by delivering federated single sign-on to any SaaS or locally hosted application with a single URL
  • Lower TCO and reduce complexity of access management by consolidating infrastructure components in a hybrid IT environment
  • Gain visibility into every connecting device and grant access based on policies and the health of the endpoint
  • Prevent malware breaches by scanning all files uploaded into your network with Capture ATP sandbox
  • Protect against web based attacks and provide PCI compliance with Web Application Firewall add-on
  • Stop DDoS and zombie attacks with Geo IP detection and Botnet protection

  • Get secure, native agent functionality using web browser based clientless HTML5 access without the overhead of installing and maintaining agents on the endpoint devices
  • Gain actionable insights you need to make the right decisions with real-time monitoring and comprehensive reporting
  • Ease deployment with flexible virtual and physical appliance options to suit your business
  • Enable dynamic issuance of access licenses based on real-time demand, with automated endpoint direction to the highest performing and lowest latency connection
  • Reduce upfront costs with built-in load balancing without additional hardware or services, while providing zero user impact on appliance failover
  • Insure against business disruptions or seasonal spikes by scaling capacity instantly