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Tecom Series ChallengerPlus Control Panel

Get the most out of your security solution.

Tecom ChallengerPlus is an advanced security solution designed for commercial and corporate sectors, and is the perfect solution for the security requirements of banks, retail outlets, educational facilities and more. It is a modular system which can be scaled for almost any application, from small to large commercial installations. With thousands of programmable options, ChallengerPlus has been designed to meet any security and access requirement.

Designed and built with the latest technology for superior access control and integrated networking, ChallengerPlus is the result of significant research and development. It is the latest in Tecom’s Challenger series, and is built on the successful foundations of Challenger10, Challenger V8, and all of their peripherals. It is also backwards compatible to these peripherals, making upgrading a quick, easy, and beneficial choice.

Powerful system architecture

The ChallengerPlus panel is the heart of the system, and comprises a modular ‘add as you go’ design. By adding intelligent door and/or lift controllers, input/output expanders, memory expanders and LAN devices, you can cost-effectively add capacity and functionality as it is required. Multiple panels can be networked into one system via management software.

With 99 areas, ChallengerPlus can be partitioned with no loss of performance — whether you are using one or all 99 areas. This is due to the onboard 32-bit micro processor. Tailor your own solution by using the many configuration options to suit your site’s requirements. Your system can be customised to individually arm areas by time and location, which gives you incredible flexibility to protect people and assets.

Image of a Tecom ChallengerPlus panel

ChallengerPlus has been designed heavily around corporate network requirements. An integrated onboard Ethernet port allows remote reporting and management of your system on a Local or Wide Area Network (LAN/WAN). Dynamic IP address support for management software connections makes setup quick and simple.

Challenger uses cost-effective and reliable RS-485 data bus technology that is capable of running long distances while minimising cable runs. Challenger LAN data can even be carried by optical fibres or over IP (optional interface modules required).

Communication technology

The ChallengerPlus panel uses advanced communication path technology and provides the perfect solution and flexibility for your security needs. Multiple communication paths operate various reporting formats and give you the ability to communicate to multiple control rooms and software packages simultaneously. The communication paths can filter by areas, events and time.

Multi-tenanted sites can report alarms to their preferred security monitoring provider on a single panel and multiple paths over one Ethernet port, simultaneously.

Users can be assigned a start and end date that is stored in the panel, meaning a permanent connection to management software is no longer required to activate or remove a person’s access.

Infographic detailing the layout of the ChallengerPlus Communication System, connecting the panel to UltraSync, CTPlus, the TecomApp, Client PC(s), video, and Monitoring software & stations both on and off site.

ChallengerPlus Communication System Diagram


Additional Benefits

Power efficiency and protection are key features of the onboard management system. This ensures that the ChallengerPlus battery is constantly charged and your current and voltage can be monitored via an LCD keypad.

Existing Challenger sites can benefit from significantly reduced installation times when upgrading from a V8 to the feature-rich ChallengerPlus panel, saving you time and money. Selected RAS models provide enhanced keypad navigation to make programming and managing your security system easier with ChallengerPlus. Firmware updates to the panel and certain peripherals can now be completed remotely using CTPlus software giving you peace-of-mind and a lower total cost of ownership.

For those sites that require safety checks prior to opening, the panel can automate an area search process which reports a message to your monitoring service if the search has failed to complete on time. Add to this an extended range of input testing and reporting features, where individual inputs can be automatically tested with normal operation within a specified number of days, and you have one of the most feature-rich intrusion detection systems available.

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